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Is Motorola EU support deliberately deceiving their customers?

Discussion in 'Motorola' started by rptehpriest, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Aug 21, 2010
    I have just sent this press release to several publishers.Please feel free to use it as you wish.

    Is Motorola support deliberately deceiving their customers?

    For the over a month Motorola support have been promising the release of a bug fix for the 2.1 Android operating system of its Milestone. They are claiming that the delay is due to awaiting approval from the networks before they can release. This is not new, Motorola also made the same claims when they originally released the 2.1 update. But how true is this statement made by Motorola support on their Facebook page and support forum?

    I decided to find out what exactly the delay was by going directly to the network operators and asking them. I contacted T-Mobile via their Twitter page and received a reply within two days. The technical department were amazed at Motorola’s claim and said they had no software from them for approval and furthermore had no contact at Motorola whatsoever.

    T-Mobile Support: “Thanks for getting back to me on this, I have read the reply and yes it`s good they are looking to release this, however the part about network approvals is not good. T Mobile UK do not have any contact information for anyone within Motorola regarding Android devices”

    Similarly I have contacted Orange with the same enquiry and again they have said they have no knowledge of any Android software from Motorola awaiting approval on their network.

    The bug fix is needed to alleviate several bugs within the system including the music player suddenly starting (very embarrassing if you are in a meeting or on the phone), The phone freezing and worse of all the phone continually resetting itself and restarting several times a day. These are all known bugs and as you can see very serious problems making the phone virtually unusable due to poor stability.

    This then leaves us with the question what networks exactly are Motorola referring to when they claim “we are awaiting network approval”. Finally OFCOM, the UK government department which deals with mobile networks, have stated they have no guidance or regulations which require manufacturers to have their new smartphone software approved by any network.

    So are Motorola misleading their customers? Motorola themselves have been asked for proof of their claim by simply supplying a contact at one of the networks to confirm it. So far, and sadly as usual, they have not replied.

    To see the full extent of customer unhappiness and anger at Motorola please reference their own Facebook page and Support forums linked below.

    Motorola Europe | Facebook



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