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Is my Incredible 2 recoverable? I don't need the data, just want the phone to work, even if wiped.

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 3, 2014.

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    So, I've had a Droid Incredible 2 (Verizon) for several years now, and wanted to upgrade. I'm not a huge fan of verizon so I bought a Google Nexus. Prior to leaving verizon, I got the sim unlock code, and successfully unlocked the sim so that I could give the old phone to my daughter, as it's still in very good shape. I put her pre-paid sim in the phone, switched to GSM mode, and everything seemed fine. It could make and receive calls, and I modified the APN settings so she'd have data (albeit slow), but that's no big deal since she's always around wifi. I ported my old number to T-mobile and seemed good to go. The phone worked for a day and then today I got the Red Triangle alert. I actually had the phone in my hand (because I was testing out google voice on my new phone, and borrowed the Droid see what showed on caller ID. Right after the call, the phone turns off and when it comes back on, it's the red triangle with the exclamation point.
    This is a factory phone, never rooted or anything.
    If I hold down the power button/volume down button, I can get to the boot screen (or whatever it's called), which has the following info:
    *** LOCKED *** VIVO_W XB SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT- 0.98.000 RADIO- eMMC-boot
    It flashes something quickly about "no image", but it's too quick to read.
    I've tried selecting "RECOVERY/REBOOT & REBOOT BOOTLOADER", and "FACTORY RESET", but nothing seems to work.
    So, my question is, can I recover this phone for my daughter? She's only had it one day, so I don't mind if I need to start from scratch. What are my options? I've never played with rooting or anything, so I'm not really familiar with the process.

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    This issue resolved itself. After numerous attempts to get the phone to boot correctly, I finally just removed the battery and walked away. After a few hours, I tried one more time and the phone booted correctly. It flashed several error messages and restarted. No problems since!
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    Thank you for signing-up with us and posting back, kirkbenge :thumbup: :).

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