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Is my S3 borked? Or is it a Network/SIM problem?

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by icecreaman, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. icecreaman

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    I live in an area supposedly blanketed by LTE (according to coverage maps) but I can only get LTE at random spots inside the house. When I do get it though its 2-3 bars, anywhere between -98 and -105 db and 35-40 asu. It is however, extremely slow, sometimes slower than 3G. It tests around 800kbps-2mbps download and upload is around 300kbps-1.1mbps (sounds like 3G speeds). It's also very unreliable, I sometimes have to refresh a website several times to get it to fully load because sites will just stop loading at random, the transmit/receive arrows below the 4G icon go dark a lot during app downloads and the download will restart after a few seconds. Extremely annoying.

    What's odd is that if I restart my phone, LTE is fantastic, 18-22mbps download and 2-6mbps upload in some spots. It usually stays fast for several hours but then goes back to being really slow, until I restart the phone again. I tried toggling airplane mode to see if it had the same effect as a restart but no dice. So is my phone messed up? Maybe the Verizon network? Could it be the SIM card?

    What I also find fascinating is how sensitive LTE is. Since I've had my S3 I've identified exact areas where it's is the best, if I move the phone just inches away, the signal drops and speed slows way down. For example, there's an exact spot on my desk that gets -98db 40asu and speeds will be 22mbit down and 6mbit up, if I move it 2 inches away, it's -103db 37asu and 16mbit/2mbit, if I move it another 2 inches, it's -105db 35asu, and 12mbit/1mbit, another 2 inches and well... goes down to 3G. The LTE tower is about 1.56 miles away.

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  2. AntimonyER


    Yep, I have similar issues inside my office. Very finicky. From what I have found, this is an issue with Samsung radios in particular, their low signal handling is horrific, very unstable. (I have a Nexus, but my coworked with an S3 sees the same thing). Another coworker has an HTC Rezound, and even though his signal strength was reported about the same, (mine was -108, his was -110) I was at 1.2 Mbps, and he was at 9 Mbps!

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