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Is official FroYo comming to Galaxy Apollo?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RyDeR`, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. RyDeR`

    RyDeR` Newbie
    Thread Starter


    There's different information about FroYo for Samsung Galaxy Apollo. Now I want to ask someone for REAL information about this. Is the OS comming or not? Because the leaked firmwares doesn't even look like the original FroYo that exist at the moment. Anyone explanations please.

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  2. yoram

    yoram Newbie

    Yes it's coming and samsung said it would be Q1 2011, so we should be seing it very soon.
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  3. foobar66

    foobar66 Newbie

    April 2011
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  4. barqers

    barqers Android Expert

    This is correct. It was announced about 3 weeks ago that it would be mid to end April 2011.
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  5. RyDeR`

    RyDeR` Newbie
    Thread Starter

    OK, thanks to everyone. Finally, can't wait till april :D
  6. rammeshmistry

    rammeshmistry Lurker

    Thanks, Buddy.. I am seriously waiting to update this to 2.2. so that I can move apps to SD and create space for internal memory.
    Please update....

  7. Craig12

    Craig12 Member

    Hi there i dont want to sound stupid but im new to all this android stuff... i have a samsung gt15801,
    And i was wondering how can i install 2.2 to my phone when its released?

    Will the update be sent straight to my phone? will i update through kies? or will i have to go to a shop or something or root my phone??
  8. ranadip.bswas

    ranadip.bswas Newbie

  9. 7checkmate

    7checkmate Newbie

    i am in singapore :)
  10. Craig12

    Craig12 Member

    Any ideas on a release date yet??
  11. RyDeR`

    RyDeR` Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So, when for Europe?
  12. foobar66

    foobar66 Newbie

    April 2011 for Europe.
  13. Craig12

    Craig12 Member

    :( What happened to end of january?? wheres that for?
  14. RyDeR`

    RyDeR` Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I don't get it. Why the heck would they set an interval of 2 month between release data of FroYo in signapore and in Europe? It's the same firmware...
    People these days...
  15. haree

    haree Newbie

    big deal why wait for the official one get it from XDA look in the samsung G3 forum i have been using 2.2 for around 2 months and every thing is good
    yes u do face the risk of warranty void but got to samfirmware and get ur orignal rom keep it flash it for warranty purpose:D

  16. sushant0622

    sushant0622 Lurker

  17. Spoggy

    Spoggy Newbie

    UPDATE Some time this month
  18. barqers

    barqers Android Expert

    You sure? I heard april.
  19. RyDeR`

    RyDeR` Newbie
    Thread Starter

    See, that's what I mean.
    Everybody is telling different days. I'm getting confused this way.

    Samsung should do an official announce.
  20. arnold22

    arnold22 Member

    April 2011 is the date I keep reading. At this rate I am going to wait for the official update versus download one of the ROM available.
  21. haree

    haree Newbie

    samsung has introduced around 5 new low rang android phones very recently so i really dought:thinking: if they will give us the 2.2 upgrade now as it would make more business sence for them not to :thinking:and all come with 2.2 and prices less than our phone id say we would be lucky if we get the official 2.2:D

    but then their are many good 2.2 roms available at XDA try them out they are quite good lets hope for the best :D:D
  22. ffcloud2000

    ffcloud2000 Newbie

    Why wait when you can use it now... XDA ftw
  23. mastersquall

    mastersquall Newbie

    totally agree with you i just hope we get update *finger cross*
  24. RyDeR`

    RyDeR` Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well they're not official. That's the reason I do want the official update.

    Also they don't look like the official 2.2 (FroYo). The official 2.2 in other Smartphones look much different then the ones in XDA.
  25. ffcloud2000

    ffcloud2000 Newbie

    That's because every android 2.2 smartphone don't use the same ui.. the official 2.2 for apollo will look roughly the same as the xda versions

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