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Is overlocking a big battery drain?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DJAlmix, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. DJAlmix

    DJAlmix Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Is say running the phone at full 600MZ a huge battery drain versus 320?

    (Sorry for asking about i a million questions)

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  2. maddog986

    maddog986 Newbie

    600 is default speed. 320 is half speed than default but does extend battery a little.
  3. Vmanisme

    Vmanisme Android Enthusiast

    320 shouldn't even be able to run the android OS :/.... But running higher than 600mhz shouldn't have a big increase on battery drain because the kernel uses the same voltages so no real increase in need for power occurs
  4. DJAlmix

    DJAlmix Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Alright thanks, yeah I feel really dumb now (as I have been ruinning my Ally at 320 this whole time) :p

    Now, insted of creating more un-needed threads I have some other questions:

    1. Does this forum have an app?

    2. Is there an app that you can control music with + headphones? I'm wondering because I would like to ski and play music, and when I do so I can't change the song. I was thinking of an app in the realm of say some headphones with a mic adapter and saying commands like next song, play so-and-so, pause. Ect.

    3. Does the lg ally support mics? (If not I know that I could sat use a blue tooth mic and say commands)

    4. My device is rooted and I have been running the latest velocity for sometime now? If and how would I go about (that is if is supported) overclocking the LG Ally?

    Thanks for your support :)
  5. DJAlmix

    DJAlmix Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sorry for double post

    (Its really hard to edit posts from the phone)

    I have an old version of the market place (had to unistall updates to fixe some frozen downloads) and would like to reupdate my marketplace app, so how would I do that? I know I can't just search for the marketplace, from within itself, so I'm so lost as to how do this?
  6. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Android Enthusiast

    Fyi 245-480mhz use the exact same voltage so any freq below 600mhz will be the same voltage draw.

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