Root is rom manager perfect for installing roms?


just asking for peoples opinions is good or bad?:thinking:


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Using Rom Manager isn't ALWAYS good for installing Roms. Sometimes you have to take additional steps to flash a Rom that Rom Manager doesn't do automaticly. An example would be sometimes you have to format system and Rom Manager won't do that when you let it install the Rom.

But in a nutshell Rom Manager isn't good or bad. Sometimes it's what you need and sometimes it's not. But at the end of the day Rom Manager is a good app to have.


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I like it for checking reviews, downloading roms directly to my phone/tablet. It's nice for an update (or nightly builds), but maybe not the best for flashing a different rom.

My main complaint is it's easy to miss an error on the screen. When it finishes, I'd like to see a "press any button to reboot" option. :D