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is rooting ONLY for this reason a dumb idea?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cyaiphone, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. cyaiphone

    cyaiphone Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I've had the evo for 4 months I'm thinking about rooting but am completely uneducated about it. Im going to start reading the stickies pretty soon here.

    I mainly want to root to get rid of the sprint apps installed on my phone that keep running like navigator and amazon mp3. Would it be dumb to do it just for this reason?

    what are some of the benefits to rooting?

    how do i decide what Roms to use?

    Whats a kernal?


    Is there an easy root where it does the work for you with a click of the button? (similar to the iphone hacks)

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  2. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Android Expert

    Just start from the beginning with this recommended read:

    Rooting for Dummies + Extras

    It'll answer the majority of your questions and anything else you'd like to know you can always ask here.
  3. hortstu

    hortstu Android Enthusiast

    No it's a perfectly valid reason. Start reading!
  4. surfologist87

    surfologist87 Android Expert

    Do it! Youll love all the things there is to do with a rooted phone!
  5. For that reason alone? Yes, that is pretty dumb. That said, you get far more out of rooting than just freezing some bloatware.
  6. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Android Expert

    I don't think any reason to root is a dumb one. It's your phone, you paid for it, use it how you want.
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  7. exclamation_mark

    exclamation_mark Android Enthusiast

    Do you think it's dumb? I can tell you what my opinion is but at the end of the day it's yours that matters. Do what you want to do because you want to do it, not because I or anyone else here does or doesn't think it's a good idea.
  8. hortstu

    hortstu Android Enthusiast

    No it's not dumb to not want to waste your battery on apps you don't use. Once you're rooted, odds are, you'll think about roms and tethering etc.
  9. Droid_Genius

    Droid_Genius Android Enthusiast

    That's my reason lol I hated the fact that I couldn't uninstall apps...but I am happy I did and will never go back stock
  10. cyaiphone

    cyaiphone Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks guysi have begun reading. I will dive in head first this Saturday :)

    Should I stick with stock room to begin with considering I'm new to this?
  11. Jayo619

    Jayo619 Well-Known Member

    The main reason i rooted was to get better battery life... Some of the perks along the way was Free wi-fi tethering, removing all that crappy bloat ware, being able to make system back ups, the ability to theme the heck out of my phone, etc... I will never use an un-rooted android phone for the rest of my life :p
  12. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Android Expert

    That's pretty much what I was going to say.

    There's NO downside to rooting, and it isn't that complicated or time-consuming.

    Just do it! :D
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  13. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I think it's a good idea in that you are starting small and as you get into it you can try more and more like custom ROMs and start taking full advantage of it if you so chose.
  14. trader914

    trader914 Well-Known Member

    This is my situation as well. Main 2 reasons are to remove all the bloatware and the free tethering (although I dont know how often I will use this feature). I just downloaded (by mistake) the latest update (OTA) last week which added MORE bloatware (Blockbuster, Nova, Kindle, etc). And I have heard I need to wait to root now. I guess I will wait..but, more importantly, I guess I will actually root it. I just want the simplest way to do this for now. Guess I have to start reading! I know nothing about ROM's and kernels and such.......sigh
  15. alaman68

    alaman68 Newbie

    Your 2 simple reasons were the same reason I rooted 2 months ago, with no knowledge of anything (I failed c++ in college too). Be prepared though, in about 2 weeks you will be flashing anything you can get your hands on, have a preference between clockwork and Amon, and spend at least five hours a day on these forums. It becomes very addicting.

    Hell yeah rooting is worth it
  16. pinoy724

    pinoy724 Well-Known Member

    Do it, come on root, everyone is doing it, jk...lol.
    There's no real reason why you shouldn't root in my opinion. Bloatware removed, free hotspot tethering, overclock and underclock (saves on battery life btw), and roms, roms, roms out the wazoo.

    I rooted a day after I got my Evo, but I also came from a rooted Hero, so I knew what I was getting my self into. Good luck on your journey, and WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE.:D
  17. monsterz3ro

    monsterz3ro Newbie

    Totally piggybacking this thread...I'm also considering rooting, for the same primary reason- bloatware is one of the biggest pet peeves in my life...other benefits are the type that I'm sure I'll one day say "man how was I ever happy with stock...", but right now, bloatware and maybe squeezing that corresponding little bit of extra juice out of the battery (until I upgrade that as well). I read through the two big stickies here in this forum and am also poking around elsewhere, but as far as the actual first attempt at rooting (I'm pretty confident on a computer, but until the EVO, never gave a crappola about owning/maintaining/using a cell phone), is everyone in the same camp as far as the best first ROM, etc?

    Also starting a new thread for clarification on "tethering", but if anyone sees this here and would like to answer it before I make a new thread, my question is, what exactly are you all referring to when you say that tethering is one of the reasons to root? My understanding is that for me to use my phone as a tether for my laptop or desktop (as in modem) while connected via USB, there is no charge...there is only a charge for using it as a wireless hot-spot for one or more machines...am I grossly misunderstanding this?
  18. isaemm

    isaemm Android Enthusiast

    I as well am looking to root, mainly first, to get rid of the pre-installed crap on my phone. But as I read one of the stickies in this section about rooting, it says to freeze the bloatware as opposed to uninstall the bloatware because of conflicts from future OTAs. I want to uninstall the bloatware to free up memory, so my question is has anyone who has uninstalled the bloatware has any problems with OTAs?
  19. wrapkgb

    wrapkgb Android Expert

    Its ok to uninstal. I don't freeze since I'm not paying 6 bucks for titanium pro. :p

    You don't want to accept OTA's while rooted anyways, just simply flash an updated rom. Plus even if you did want to do an OTA, all you would have to do is reflash the stock rom and BAM, all the bloatware reappears. :)

    **People will say freeze over delete. Its all personal preference. If you need to get them back its as easy as reflashing.
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  20. isaemm

    isaemm Android Enthusiast

    Another question I had is, if I root now and then gingerbread gets released, how would I go about getting gingerbread installed on my phone? Will gingerbread reinstall bloatware which I'll have to install again.
  21. wrapkgb

    wrapkgb Android Expert

    In order to update to gingerbread all you will have to do is flash a rom based off of the gingerbread software. Trust me when gingerbread is released all roms will be updated to the new software. Now if there are any other updates like radios, all you would have to do is simply flash the new radio as you would a rom. Then your phone will be just up to date as the stock unrooted phone. Now regarding the bloatware, if you simply flash a stock rooted rom, then yes all the crap will come with it. Or you could flash something like fresh which has most of the bloat removed. Hope this helps!
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  22. blckz28

    blckz28 Newbie

    If you only want to get rid of the bloat, download Z4Root and Titanium Backup. Use Z4Root and apply temp root. Next use Titanium to remove the apps you don't want. Worked for me but watch out, the new found power might drive you to do a full root and flash new roms. It got me :) HOW TO: Stay stock and get rid of the bloat - Android Forums

    And if you decide to go all out, this thread helped me root with the new OTA that was just released. They made it pretty simple. [ROOT][GUIDE] HBoot 2.02/2.10 SOFF - Root! The Final Frontier Edition - Upd. 12.21.10 - xda-developers
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  23. eric3316

    eric3316 Android Enthusiast

    The EVO has sooooooooo much developer support they need to start shipping these already rooted. It would probably save HTC and Sprint on a lot of returns from people that do not know what they are doing!

    Rooting your EVO will make you feel like you just purchased another device! And if you are going to root, go for full root.

    Also, recommend Myn's Warm TwoPointTwo RLS4 Rom. Great for someone who just wants a Rom with everything that works and works well, plus has the visual bells and whistles to go along with it. As far as kernels. Every Rom will come with a kernel. You can then switch them out as some kernels offer better things then others i.e, better battery life, faster speed, etc.
  24. kegacide

    kegacide Member

    whats funny was the main reason i rooted was for the uncapping of the fps, but then the update came that did that on its own right after, haha...

    but once i did, i got into the wireless tethering, getting rid of bloatware, battery optimization, customizations, etc etc...

    so get into root for whatever reason you want, once you're there you'll find other things you'll want to do
  25. cyaiphone

    cyaiphone Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thank you all! you guys are awesome. My palms are sweaty, I'm nervous I have the door shut in my room, my laptop and usb next to me and im ready to dive in. A poster posted a link to an ota root??? im going to read into that before i begin. anyone know about this?

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