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Is Sprint has a good coverage?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by babibarbie, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. babibarbie

    babibarbie Lurker
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    OK, I will try explain my problem. I had T-mobile service for years, and last year I bought the cellphone google nexus one, because all my family is in Brazil so with nexus one I had google voice and could call them for cheap raters. Anyway, everything was great until we move to Florida this year (we were in Chicago). We are living tempoaly in a midle of nowhere, I had no signal at all with T-mobile, I had to drive 15 miles to get some coverage and make my phone calls, but I still was happy with phone and service. Yesterday I lost my phone...I can say I got stolen. So, now I was thinking to go with Samsung 4G Nexus S, which is the new version of Nexus One. But I was looking the websites and I know I can get it for cheap if I sign a 2 yr contract with Sprint(30 dollars the phone plus plan). Unlocked it is around 500 dollars, far away from my budget. I never had Sprint before and I was wondering if is a good operator? If I will have problems with coverage here as I had with T-mobile? ( I check the coverage in my place and they show propably wont work in here...) But as we are here temporaly, I could survive like I was with nexus one and T-mobile (no signal, but sometimes I could send and get mesages). My reason to stick with google phones, is the google voice, as I said, all my family is in Brazil and google voice was very helpful. Thanks for any help!

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  2. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    you might give a more info to where in Fl you are. then members in that area might be able to respond with their experience.

    put the location in your title.

    but a warning... all carriers have places that do not work well. and as you say, this is a temp location for you... but the area you finally settle in is still unknown. this might be very bad.. if you are in a 2 yr contract and finally settle in a very bad coverage area!!!!! You might consider a prepaid service with no contract and sell the phone when you done with it. when you know where you are going to settle, then look at carriers and phones.

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