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Is the headset jack capable of external mic ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rk4n3, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. rk4n3

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    I have both a Galaxy 2 10.1 tablet and a Galaxy Nexus phone. I bought a special adapter for the headset jack(s), with which I want to use a headset with mic for recording video - using the headset mic instead of the built-in pin-hole condenser. This adapter has four conductors, two for stereo audio, one for mic, and one for common/ground.

    I've had good luck with this adapter and the Nexus - I can make calls with the headset plugged in via the adapter, and the phone uses the headset mic instead of the built-in condenser. It does not, however, use the headset mic when recording video. The tablet also does not seem to want to use the headset mic when recording video, but as this doesn't work on the Nexus either, I can't tell if its a software or hardware issue.

    Does the Galaxy 2 10.1 tablet itself support an external mic at all (i.e. is the jack wired for it), or is the Android software (video app) just not switching to it, or do I just need a different connector ?

    Thanks in advance for any help ...

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