Help Is the "one click root" unsafe or dangerous for the phone?

Hey everyone. I


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Thanks. I should have mentioned he would root any phone so his comments were not aimed at the galaxy prevail in particular. For just 15 bucks I may just have him do it anyway. But I will most likely do it myself after I get use to the original format so I can compare the two.
yea well you can do it yourself. paying is not smart in my opinion

note: the prevail has a custom root that as new optimus said is tryed and tested and works plus its only one way to root the prevail

its as easy as following the instructions

note: if it doesnt work the first time dont do somthing not smart and end up bricking your phone. jus go to the readme file in the kms folder i think and read it.


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very easy to do 100% safe. if you can follow directions you can root your phone. by you doing it yourself you'll gain some knowledge and confidence. This place is awesome lots of really smart helpful people. Dont let some stranger take your phones virginity. After you root your learn about odin in the root section,


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I used OneClickRoot as well, and I have never rooted a phone before and did not know what it was until I got the Prevail like a month and a half ago.

Even failing several times with OneClickRoot before it went through, which was frustrating but did not damage my phone at all, I still managed to get it done in the end. I am thinking the problem that I was having was that my girlfriend's laptop was what I had access to at the time, and it is REALLY BAD to the point where I think the USB ports were lagging.

At any rate, whatever you decide, good luck and enjoy your root experience! I know I have :D