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Is the phone water damaged or something else?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mygrapefruit, Aug 30, 2012.

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    Hey. So my mother biked through heavy rain, when she pulled out her phone it turned out that her pocket was not waterproof. When she opened the case there were water drops plastered over the battery. Maybe 3 hours later she put the phone in a rice box for 48 hrs.

    2 days later (today) she managed to get the phone on, but told me the actual phone network wasn't working - no one could call in or out. Everything looked fine until I opened mobile networks settings - it said no SIM card detected. I opened the case and it turns out she had put the card back in upside down. :p
    No worries I thought, put it in the right way and set the battery back. But now the phone won't start, not by pressing power button nor power + home button at the same time.

    I tried plugging the charger in and the phone responds to that, although a bit laggy it seems - on the third try the loading battery splash kept showing up for around 20 seconds even after I pulled out the charger.

    It worked fine for most of the day until I removed and put the battery back. So. Is the phone water damaged after all or could it be some other error?

    Thanks in advance!

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