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is the usb cable specific to each galaxy s?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bword, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. bword

    bword Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I was looking for a replacement usb cable for my captivate but some of the replacements state its for vibrant,captivate, ect. Will they all work together?

  2. art__

    art__ Newbie

    Not sure how much this will help, but my dad has a Samsung Mythic and I noticed it had the same charger except his didn't separate so you could hook it up to the computer (It's a once piece wall charger) and it worked great on my phone to charge it when I forgot my charger at home. So my guess is they are probably interchangeable, but maybe someone with more info will chime in.

    I found this list of phones that use the same charger/Micro USB port

    Compatible with:
    Samsung A197
    Samsung Eternity II A597
    Samsung Strive A687
    Samsung Flight A797
    Samsung Rugby II A847
    Samsung Mythic A897
    Samsung Flight II A927
    Samsung Epic 4G SPH-D700
    Samsung Code SCH-i220
    Samsung Exec SCH-i225
    Samsung Intrepid SPH-i350
    Samsung Continuum SCH-i400
    Samsung Fascinate SCH-i500
    Samsung Captivate SGH-i897
    Samsung Omnia II SCH-i920
    Samsung M220 / SPH-M220
    Samsung M240 / SPH-M240
    Samsung M320 / SPH-M320
    Samsung M330 / SPH-M330
    Samsung Seek SPH-M350
    Samsung Rant SPH-M540
    Samsung Exclaim SPH-M550
    Samsung Reclaim SPH-M560
    Samsung Restore SPH-M570
    Samsung Highnote SPH-M630
    Samsung Instinct HD SPH-M850
    Samsung Moment SPH-M900
    Samsung Intercept SPH-M910
    Samsung Transform SPH-M920
    Samsung Stunt SCH-R100
    Samsung Stride SCH-R330
    Samsung Freeform SCH-R351 R350
    Samsung MyShot II SCH-R460
    Samsung TwoStep SCH-R470
    Samsung Messager II SCH-R560
    Samsung Messager Touch SCH-R630 / SCH-R631
    Samsung Caliber SCH-R850
    Samsung Acclaim SCH-R880
    Samsung Craft SCH-R900
    Samsung T249
    Samsung Smiley :) T359
    Samsung T369
    Samsung Gravity 3 T479
    Samsung Gravity T T669
    Samsung Behold II T939
    Samsung Vibrant T959
    Samsung Haven SCH-U320
    Samsung Gusto SCH-U360
    Samsung Intensity II SCH-U460
    Samsung Reality SCH-U820
    Other Samsung cell phones and PDA phones equipped with a micro USB charging port

    I found the same list on a couple of websites for model# APCBU10BBEBSTD
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  3. George0211

    George0211 Android Enthusiast

    I doubt the cables are specific. I've actually used a USB cable from Droid on my Captivate and it worked fine.
  4. LMaxwell

    LMaxwell Member

    If you look at Samsung's website, they only show one MicroUSB cable, compatible with 68 phones including all the Galaxy S.
  5. wordgirl

    wordgirl Newbie

    Any microUSB cable should work. You've probably got one in your big tangle o'cables.
  6. DT

    DT Android Expert

    The only thing to note is on the Micro side (i.e., the phone connector), the space around the port is pretty tight. I've read a few folks buying cables that had to be trimmed down to make a good tight connection.

    I bought this one from Amazon (which is now only $3):

    Amazon.com: Samsung Replacement USB Data Charging Cable for Samsung SPH-M330, SCH-R100, SGH-T939, SCH-R850: Cell Phones & Accessories

    It doesn't have any fitment issues and locks down really tight. It is on the short side which was perfect for my extra cable, but just be aware, it's 1/2 the size of the original.
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  7. bword

    bword Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I found this site threw a friend who has ordered from in the past and they are a good company and the cables are mostly under a buck. I just dont know which one to order there is more than one kind of mini b USB Cables.

    Anyone have any idea?
  8. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

    Monoprice is an excellent source of cables. I have several MicroUSB cables from them that I use with my Captivate. I did have to trim the plastic down to taper them a bit to make a good fit but it only took a few moments per cable. The plastic is almost rubbery-soft.

    As stated, any MicroUSB cable should work. I have a generic car charger and a wall charger made for a Blackberry. All work fine with my Captivate.
  9. ArthurIhde

    ArthurIhde Well-Known Member

    Any microUSB cable should work. It's not specific.[​IMG]
  10. LMaxwell

    LMaxwell Member

    Not true. I have a few cables that I can use for charging but not data.
  11. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

    "should". Those cables either might need to be trimmed for a better fit, or they might not be proper USB cables with all the pins wired. More likely the former, though.

    Also make sure the door is all the way open:
    USB cable won't stay securely in the Captivate - CapFAQ
  12. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Nice find, art_. [​IMG]
  13. iffrett

    iffrett Well-Known Member

    I bought a used captivate and it came with a usb cable. I thought it was from samsung, but after a closer look, it had the blackberry logo on it....either way, it works and there is no trimming involved.
  14. m_johnson_90

    m_johnson_90 Lurker

    to charge I don't think there is a difference, but to use it for data there is. I used my wife's cable to charge, but when I went to use it to transfer music to my phone it would not show my phone.
  15. cincyrob

    cincyrob Android Enthusiast

    i had left my samsung cable at work the other day so iwent and bought a universal type charger. like you said it would charge, but wont transfer data ect.
  16. Sui

    Sui Newbie

    Not specific ... if anyone needs a genuine MicroUSB cable for the phone, please PM me.
  17. whomiask

    whomiask Lurker

    True.. oem cable is able to charge but likely data transfer for Samsung phone will not work. I have to use the original data cable for the data transfer or firmware upgrade. Especially firmware upgrade, oem cable will not work at all. Must use original data cable. Suspected the USB pins may different from oem. Need technical expert to review.. :thinking:

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