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Is there a Good Wallet style case for Droid 3?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by unclepoo, Aug 18, 2015.

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    Question : Is there a Good Wallet Style Case for Droid 3 ?

    I am looking for a good case for the Droid 3, however most of the cases for this seem to leave the Screen
    unprotected. I would prefer to have a Wallet style case that has a place for credit cards, but has a flap
    to cover the screen of the phone when it's not being used. Preferably it will have a cutout in the back for the phones camera. I would feel better protected if should this thing drop that it would be closed and the screen protected .

    Now I know that because this is a Slider Qwerty design, it's not easy to design such a case for it,
    So Let's change that, I don't use the Slider Qwerty much anyway. So assuming It did not slide it open
    is there a wallet case that would fit the Droid 3 nicely and fit the bill for what I am looking for?

    If you have a specific recommendation, please send me the information on where to get it.
    Thanks in advance :)

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