Is there a Rapture countdown timer app???


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So everyone's talkin about the Rapture... rapture this... rapture that...

I don't want to miss it. Is it based on Pacific Standard Time, or EST, or is it going to come based on the time in Israel, which is, I believe, 12 hours ahead of the time here in Los Angeles???

So... I'm sitting here worrying about missing it, and it dawns on me... there HAS TO BE A Raptures Countdown Clock in the Android Apps forum!!! any of you know if there's a good countdown clock for the end of time???

Thanks in advance.... in case I don't get a chance, well, you know, to thank you later.


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Well, I even thought about writing my own app, but it would have limited shelf life....not sure I could even get it done in time.



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:rolleyes:Yeah, there would be no profit in it, either.

Maybe you should work on the Mayan calendar end-of-the-world? That would give you some more lead time:D


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Live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment of it and when the time comes. No point worrying about it now ;)

Really all you need is a count down widget like this and set it to Dec 21, 2012 and just watch as the timer counts down the day. If you really want the hours/minutes, there's this app too