Is there a simple way to close everything unnecessary when playing music?

For instance, when listening to music in a car with Google Play Music via Bluetooth and the phone rings or I get an e-mail, that will disturb everything. When I play music, music is the only thing I want out of the loudspeakers, absolutely nothing else what so ever. Is there an app somewhere that automatically close all annoying apps when I play music? In those cases I want my phone to behave like a pure music player. Also I noticed that sometimes the music will temporarily stop for maybe 0.1 s or so (I don't know if maybe bluetooth is the problem, but sometimes it works perfectly, so maybe it's just an app working with something very unnecessary in the background), I want to get rid of that too. Ideas? When playing music, NOTHING must interrupt it. Nothing, nothing, really nothing. I'd rather miss an ”important” call (I can always call back anyway, when I'm NOT listening to music…).
Also, did I mention that I really hate being interrupted when listening to music…? I did, didn't I…? :p


Smoke me a kipper...
Put it in airplane mode, then turn Bluetooth on (mine certainly allows that). That will block calls, texts, emails, WhatsApp messages, etc.

Of course it won't block notifications generated by the phone itself, e.g. calendar notifications - you'll have to turn those off separately. But it will stop the phone receiving anything from the phone network or internet, and can be done with one touch.