Is there a way to backup app data? Non-rooted samsung galaxy sII


My galaxy had a total meltdown and lost all the app data...
I have had a lot of issues with it, it reboots alot and I have to remove apps from the sd card and eventually it works...for a little while.
So the last time it just totally crashed and re-booted to factory default...i lost all my in app data game saves, etc.
Is there a way to back this data up? Do i need to root the phone...?


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If you want options, then rooting is required.

SOME games store data on the SDCARD that can be copied over easy enough - but it can be a real pain to locate and backup.

Root gives you the ability to use a myriad of tools that will make the process painless.


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Is there a way to back this data up? Do i need to root the phone...?

If all you want to do is have a backup then no, you do NOT have to root your phone. Before I rooted my phone I used MyBackup Pro, and it worked great. If afterwards you decide to root, then simply add their root add-on. It's a really good and easy to use backup program.

However, if you are having so many issues with your phone, then something under the hood is wrong. Backing up is more of a band-aid approach. All phones should have a backup app installed, but your phone seems to need more looking at. Contact your dealer or Samsung and see if it can get fixed under warranty. There's no reason you should be dealing with so many issues, especially with such a high level and expensive phone. You should be enjoying your phone not worrying about it. Are you sure it's the phone and not the SD card that's having issues. It almost sounds like more of a memory problem. Do you have another SD card to use? What class is it? If it's a class 10 then that may be your problem, especially if it's 32 gigs. This is a known issue with class 10 cards that size. Try using another card and see how the phone reacts... :)


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Does MyBackup Pro do apk+data without Root? I have a feeling that's what he's looking for .. but I could be wrong ...


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You need root to have data backup. If you use My Backup Pro without root, when you restore on a new phone or your phone was formatted, don't be surprised if you had to start Angry Birds from stage one again.


you could just temporary root it, using z4root.
when rebooted, it will unroot.

I have a DROIDX and have been looking for any information on backing upto apps and app data. I wish to root my phone for the first time but would like to keep certain save data. Are you saying I could do this by installing z4root? If not, any other way?