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Is there a way to backup/copy system wallpaper files?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by snovvman, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. snovvman

    snovvman Member
    Thread Starter

    After a hard reset on my first Hero, the factory/system wallpaper files disappeared. Thereafter, I was unable to set the background for the lock screen to anything but the default. When I go to set lock screen background, the device reports "no media found".

    Now that I have another Hero, I would like to backup those 22 factory background/wallpaper files.

    1) Is that possible? If so, how? Does it require me to root the device so I can actually "copy out" the files?

    2) Does there exist a backup software that can do a full system file backup? If so, please recommend one.

    3) I have seen several file manager-like applications. Do any of these applications browse system files and allow one to copy them? (Is rooting reqired)?

    4) Does anyone have copies of the system/default wallpapers? If so, will you please zip them up and post it here?

    5) WHY did the pictures disappear after a hard reset? If they are part of the ROM, why did they not return after a reset?

    Many thanks.

    Edit: If one such exists, please recommend a backup application that will backup all system settings, such as preferences, screen configuration, bookmarks, dictionary words, etc., so that they can be easily restored and applied to the device later.


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  2. troyboytn

    troyboytn Well-Known Member

    nothing special needs to be done here. the wallpaper files are located on the sd card. simply copy the file named "wallpaper" to you pc by unmounting and using the usb cable or unmounting and removing the sd card....put it in a card reader and copy and you will be good to go

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