Help Is there a way to backup my texts?

I basically have too many texts and its bogging down whenever I open them up. Is there any way I can back up my old conversations?


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I use two different applications, both are called SMS Backup.

One has a gray folder with a yellow envelope. This one backs up your messages to an XML file on your SD Card and can restore the backup rather easily.

The other one has a white postcard with a GMail icon. This one posts every SMS you send or receive to a label in your GMail.


Darn, too bad I didn't look into this before the accident. Ah well, guess I'll I'll check out one of the apps next go round


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sms backup & restore, by sitesh rahu. free, saves to sd card. has a few options, including auto backup intervals, and how many backups to keep.


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+1 for the 2nd sms backup.

love having them go to gmail, cause I can search the whole history both from the gmail app on the phone, and from the web.