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Is there a way to disable the headphone jack in software?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by StuartTheFish, Oct 10, 2019.

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    Hi all, not been on here in ages!

    I've got a Leagoo Shark 1 android phone installed within the dashboard of my wife's mini, and every so often we have an issue with audio playback from it. Its linked to her stock head unit via an A2DP adapter, and is using bluetooth. I've also got a button wired up via the headphone port to be used as a back button instead of having on screen buttons. Problem is, sometimes it repeatedly flickers between playing audio via bluetooth and via the phone's loudspeaker, even showing the headphone symbol on the navigation bar flickering on and off. When it's doing this, it often stops audio playback entirely since the music player on the phone, poweramp in this case, can't decide how to output audio. Does anyone have any idea how I can disable the headphone port so that audio programs simply can't attempt to use it, without having to lose the ability of using it as a back button?


  2. svim

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    Not quite sure how you'd accomplish this as it sounds as if you want to disable the headphone port but still use its functionality?
    I don't use the Poweramp app but it has a really good reputation for being an extensive media player, if you look in the app's settings menu is there any option to specifically select audio output (Bluetooth <> headphone) as the default? Or if there's something like a 'headset auto-detect' or a 'media buttons' option or similar (there's an option for that in the MX Player app), disabling that might make the headphone being plugged in from affecting audio output but I wouldn't be surprised if that also disables the button functionality.
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    The button is acting as the volume down button would on headphones with buttons in the cable, with a button mapper app then using it as a back button instead. In poweramp, I can't see any setting which specifically disables audio output via the headphones, as it seems it just depends on android itself to work out where to send the audio. The button works great all the time, but every so often the phone can't decide if headphones are plugged in or not, so then can't decide on where to route the audio. It's a shame I can't wire a button in another way. :-(
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