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Is there a way to have calls automatically forwarded to voicemail?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Droiduser?_?, Jan 10, 2010.

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    I am seeking a way to have my calls automatically sent to my voicemail, or preferably after one ring, so that I can have the illusion of having my phone off and still use texting/receive voicemail notfications wthout the call actually ringing several times before getting recorded. Does anyone know of a setting or app that would allow me to do this? Thanks in advance for the help

  2. GrandMasterB

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    You could either set the ringtone to 'Silent' if you are wanting to ignore all calls OR you could just turn the ringer volume all the way down and uncheck the 'Use incoming call volume for notification box' OR you can send individual contacts straight to voicemail.

    Menu\Options\Sound&Display\PhoneRingtone and select 'Silent"

    Menu\Options\Sound&Display\RingerVolume to turn the volume down and uncheck notifications box

    Contacts\SelectedContact\Menu\Options and select the incoming calls box to send straight to voicemail.

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