Help Is there a way to move apps to SD? [2.1]


I have recently bought an Orange San Francisco in Britain. I have noticed that apps are not being stored in the SD storage and the in-build memory is very low. Is there a way (hopefully not voiding a warranty) to move them to the SD? My firmware is 2.1 Eclair (2.1 Update1).

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Hello all....

just a flying visit from the world of Samsung GT-i8150....where all this stuff is just starting, no root, no custom ROMs, but a growing community.....

Anyway, I think this can be done on ZTE Blade/OSF Stock 2.1 ROM, using the Free from Market App Link2SD.

XDA thread

It will require the massive step....:p......of rooting the Blade....

as we all know, no biggie.

Use this app, from kallt_kaffe on Modaco, you need to be signed in to get it:

Permanent root for 2.2 Blades! - Android @ MoDaCo

If needs be, you can use it to un-root also!!!!

Bast of luck to all, and Happy New Year......:D :D