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is there a way to update?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gherre, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. gherre

    gherre Newbie
    Thread Starter

    my eve is on 1.5 and it seems like even 2.2 is available. how do i upgrade?

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  2. johnsolo

    johnsolo Newbie

    OpenEtna has all the details, use the Installation link and follow carefully.

    You will need to make sure you have Java installed (java.com: Java + You).
  3. gherre

    gherre Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Will i have to root? and is this and official update
  4. dufourjm

    dufourjm Newbie

    Yes, you will have to root, please refer for this at http://androidforums.com/eve-all-th...-rogers-rooting-guide-remove-rogers-apps.html

    And this is a unofficial release and a beta one. It works well but some things are not working perfectly, like the camera is limited to 3 MP for now, video mode does not work, the FM radio does not work yet but most of the stuff works well with a few bugs. Since this is beta software, don't expect everything to work always.

    My opinion is that the developpers have made a wonderful job and for me, 2.2.1 with a few bugs is definetely better than the 1.5 firmware provided by LG. It is more responsive and it is quite stable. :D

    I suggest that you take the time to read the documentation on OpenEtna website before deciding if you want to try the update. Or, if you prefer, you wait for long months before LG issues out an hypothetical 1.6 or a "too beautiful to be true that we'll probably never see the light" official 2.2. :(
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  5. billpayer

    billpayer Member

  6. ch0g0nda

    ch0g0nda Lurker

    Indeed, rooting is not required. The OpenEtna website has a video on how to upgrade. I'd never done jack to my phone prior to flashing OpenEtna and it was easy as pie.
  7. gherre

    gherre Newbie
    Thread Starter

  8. gherre

    gherre Newbie
    Thread Starter

    im really bad at stuff like this if anyone could give me the steps ill be grateful.
  9. dufourjm

    dufourjm Newbie

    There are no better documentation than the one provided on OpenEtna site:

    Essentials - OpenEtna

    Make sure you read carefully the procedure once or twice at least before trying anything. And if you encounter any problems, you can also consult the OpenEtna forum which is more complete regarding this unofficial update :

    OpenEtna Forum - Index

    Good luck ! ;)
  10. homeslice976

    homeslice976 Newbie

    You won't need to root, but you will need ADB access to the device to utilize the fastboot tool. I put a walkthrough (attached) together from all the information I've gathered on the web. I take no credit for any of the information in the .pdf, all I did was piece together the different things I've found in a way that I could best understand. It starts with getting ADB access (installing SDK, drivers, etc), flashing OpenEtna's 2.2 firmware, downgrading current firmware if you don't have fastboot, and also a guide to root the device (however if you flash to OpenEtna I believe it's already rooted, at least Superuser is already installed. Feel free to correct me if this isn't correct)

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  11. midomansour

    midomansour Lurker

    will i be aable to get the official 1.5 version back if i faced problems or not??

    sorry guys but im new to these stuff!
  12. homeslice976

    homeslice976 Newbie

    There are stock Rogers 1.5 boot and system images floating around, if you need them PM me with your email address

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