Is there an app for programming?


Is there an app for the Android where I can code languages such as C++ or Java?
An app where I can code ON my Android device.
android programs are wrote in java... just use eclipse... you can setup the environment so when you run your program via eclipse it runs on your phone... use adb logcat to see log msgs.


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What I need is an app where I can code and run ON my Android device. Not an app where I can code FOR my Android device.

Thanks for the reply though. :)


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Trying to imagine writing and editing any serious amount of code on a tiny screen with an on-screen keyboard... brain melting... agh... pain... does not....bleurg! Nurse!!


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You want to write and compile C++ programs on runtime with your Android phone?!

At first I thought that's crazy talk, but with the amount of computing power on phones these days... I just don't know if that's viable on the Android OS. I'd be interested in what you discover about this.