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Is there an app for this?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Topshelf, May 28, 2010.

  1. Topshelf

    Topshelf Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm looking for an app that allows you to setup certain actions just by pressing a widget....basically like running a batch file. For instance, let's say I setup a Car widget. When I press that, I'd like my BT to turn on, my WiFi to turn off, Drivesafe.ly to turn itself on and the Car Panel to open up. Not sure exactly how I'd configure it, but just an idea. I'm now testing out Bluetooth Power Profile which will turn BT on any time the charger is plugged in, but I'm looking for a bit more control. Figured someone here would know if something like this existed.


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  2. contagous

    contagous Android Expert

    Im not sure but i think for that you would need root...
  3. DaWeav

    DaWeav Android Enthusiast

    Tasker can do this, but its still in beta and not in the market. However, you have to set it up yourself like a 'batch file' as you put it. There's some examples in the Tasker WiKi. And you can make the tasks you create widgets if you want to.

    I have one that that runs a gambit of things when I plug in a headset and power and does the reverse when I unplug the headset and power. Since I only do headset and power when I'm in my car, it works for me.

    1) Disables Keyguard
    2) Sets the screen to 'stay on'
    3) Performs a popup menu task list with a lot of music apps to select from like Music, Listen, Pandora...
    4) Turns the Bluetooth on so it can connect to my car kit
    5) Turns the GPS on since I'm in my car

    Then it performs an exit list of task when I unplug headset and power;
    1) Go to home screen
    2) Turns GPS off
    3) Turns Bluetooth off
    4) Sets Stay On to never
    5) Enables Keygaurd

    The good thing is when I pull the headset out, the HTC Music app automatically pauses as does most of them.

    Anyway, I've been having fun setting up more and more things with this app.
  4. The_Omega_Man

    The_Omega_Man Newbie

    Check out Locale and some of the associated plugins.. It is not a cheap app though.
  5. generous

    generous Newbie

    +1 on locale. The GPS location is unreliable.

    However, with a couple of free/paid plugins in addition to locale, you will get exactly what you just asked about. No rooting/hacking neccessary.

    There is a locale plugin called 'locale buttons', I believe, that you can trigger various settings with a homescreen widget/button.

    I have everything set up with locale like so:
    -When I'm at home, it detects my home wifi network, and automatically turns off bluetooth and gps.

    -Once my home wifi network becomes 'out of range' (which means I'm driving), wifi is disabled, GPS is turned on, bluetooth is turned on, the media volume turns all the way up, and trapster is launched.

    -Once I turn my car off, locale detects that bluetooth is no longer available and bluetooth turns off, GPS turns off, WIFI turns on, and trapster kills itself.

    -Once I leave my car and start walking to the office, locale sniffs out the wifi network at work, sets my phone to vibrate.

    There are a couple other apps like this.
    1- Tasker (in beta and unavailable for download), which I am pretty eager to try.
    2- Setting Profiles (great app, but no plugin support leaves a few holes in its functionality)

    Locale, although not accurate with your 'where-abouts' as far as GPS is concerned, has third party plugin support, which I love. Theres a plugin for just about any event. (including buttons like you originally asked about)
  6. sheepforwheat

    sheepforwheat Member

    Setting Profiles is what you want. Much cheaper than Locale

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