May 14, 2011
I think it would be real handy to have an application that uses your camera to recognize a web link on your computer screen and bring you to that page on your phone.

This would be real useful for links that are very long and take a long time to type up.

There is probably already an app that does this because it seems like such an obvious thing but I'm curious.
Chrome to phone is as simple as it gets, and it has nothing to do with pointing camera to the computer screen.

I think there could be a benefit to having an app like I stated that involves the camera. With Chrome to Phone, you have to download a PC extension to your chrome browser.

So if you don't use Chrome (I do though), or are at someone else's house or business, in order to get a link from the computer to your phone you have to make sure they both have chrome and the extension.

With an app that uses your phone's camera to recognize the link, you can get that page on your phone wherever.

Maybe Google can add it to their Goggles app or someone could make a simple standalone one.

Maybe I'll post this in the app ideas thread (didn't see it when I made this post).