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Is there an app to show the battery percentage in the status bar?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by lvlln, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. lvlln

    lvlln Member
    Thread Starter

    Motorola Droid user coming from iPhone here. One of the features I miss is having the battery percentage indicated in the status bar next to the little icon (in fact, I'd rather just have the percentage rather than the icon). Is there an app to show that in the status bar? It seems the precision of the battery meter is by 10% increments until it reaches 20%, but even that would be better than just the icon.

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  2. ldougherty

    ldougherty Member

    I have OpenHome and one of the options is to display battery percentage on the bottom corner of each page..

    That may suit your needs..
  3. apolloFER

    apolloFER Well-Known Member

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  4. lvlln

    lvlln Member
    Thread Starter

  5. cfrock

    cfrock Newbie

    Agreed. Not visual candy but does the job.
  6. someguy9

    someguy9 Member

    I was really surprised to not see this as an option, it's a pain to go through the menus to see your battery %
  7. apolloFER

    apolloFER Well-Known Member

  8. gadget

    gadget Newbie

    i think the one i have is called Battery Widget. it shows the battery icon with the percent. and if you touch the icon a large picture of a battery appears and it has 4 buttons on it...labled WiFi off, GPS off, Bluetooth off, and Display...display brings up the list of adjustments you can make quickly to the phone...it appears to work well....but i have not compared it to any other. good luck
    I am trying to fine a good search and find app. as well as a good calendar and contacts app...oh well...lots of frustration for me after using the Palm
  9. gadget

    gadget Newbie

    ooops...i should have mentioned i use it on a Samsung Moment running Android 1.5. i would think it should run on your updated 2.0. cannot wait until Sprint is given the go ahead to allow us to get updated.
  10. vagonr

    vagonr Lurker

    You may use Battery ETA app from Market. It shows the percetage remaining for the battery in status bar.
  11. blaidan

    blaidan Newbie

    I'm going to assume that you did a search and this thread came up and you simply didn't notice the date, rather than that you decided to dig up a nearly 2 year old post and bring it back to life.
  12. joshclay

    joshclay Lurker

    I'm glad he brought it back to life.

    Are there any other good battery status apps out there? That can be displayed on the status bar and lock screen?
  13. blaidan

    blaidan Newbie

    Since he did, and judging by his and your post counts perhaps you 2 are new to Android (as am I), I've been using the "Battery Circle" app to show battery percentage. I find it a little more elegant looking than any of the other battery percentage apps that I saw. And, it looks to be very accurate.
  14. Harry2

    Harry2 Extreme Android User

    For me 'Battery Monitor Widget' is the best.
    I think, it is the only battery app with the option to show the figures of charging/discharging current at a chart :)

  15. rchez16

    rchez16 Member

    I use BatteryStatus from the Market. Customizable with options for "draining batteries", or just a percentage, which is what I use. Seems to be pretty accurate too.
  16. Malerin11

    Malerin11 Lurker

    I use battery notif, very accurate and no drain
  17. Josh002

    Josh002 Lurker

    If you use go power master I fnd it works great! It even shows you how long your battery life with continue for.. You can change modes and optimize your device for better battery life. I find it works the best
  18. fightingirish

    fightingirish Well-Known Member

    Depending on your OS or ROM, you might already have it on your phone. Go into settings, CyanogenMod settings (for my phone), interface, then status bar tweaks. You can have it show a percentage instead of just the battery icon. Location may vary depending on phone.
  19. Italo

    Italo Android Enthusiast

    System Info Widget can be configured to show battery level in the status bar.
  20. colmmcgrath

    colmmcgrath Well-Known Member

    Try the 'Battery Notifier' app
  21. Get Settings Extended

    It has an option to show battery percentage in the notification bar and in the pull down notification bar, you can change your settings around (Wifi, blah blah)

    I was always annoyed with wasted space with these types of apps, but I think this is perfect. You can also look at ChargeBar if you like to have a visual bar showing you how much battery is left. It can be put at the top or bottom and you can customize the color at different levels of battery.
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