Is there an app to show what app has been using what data?


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Hi Kids.

For the last couple of days, my HTC Desire has been draining my download quota. For some reason it's been downloading things through 3G, EVEN when connected to my wifi network, and as a result, my 500MB p/m quota has been used up in the space of a couple of days.

I use 3G Watchdog to track the amount used, but it doesnt show what has been using it.

Is there an app out there to show what app, has been downloading what things?

Thanks in advance



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I second My Data Manager. It shows every app that uses data rather on wifi or not. ( I only wish you could see the brake down for each app per day.)


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I am using Norton Mobile Utilities for exactly that. IT will also do the same for battery use, memory use, move apps around, and track quota's. Free beta at the moment.