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is there any hope

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by davewoodson, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. davewoodson

    davewoodson Member
    Thread Starter

    Really, is there any hope that there will be a new android on VZW in the next few weeks. I am getting so impatient after playing with the droid the other night. It was just a tight phone I thought.


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  2. GotamaHuy

    GotamaHuy Newbie

    i posted this on another thread, but all i have to say is that im pretty positive that none will come out this jan. maybe feb, but that is the earliest. jan, verizon is coming out with a palm phone and they will use that month to promote it. plus verizon has two android phones out already. but ya, i bet none will come out any time soon. but you never know.
  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I know, I know.... I can't wait either. One or two more months isnt that bad, and snapdragon is worth waiting for.
  4. emdmao

    emdmao Android Enthusiast

    What makes snapdragon worth waiting for at this moment? The droid has a better cpu/gpu integration combo and runs better than snapdragon in some tests (graphics) while the snapdragon outperforms in some others. It isnt like the snapdragon blows everything available now away.

    If you like a keyboard, get the droid.
    If you dont, pray for the bravo/passsion/nexus
  5. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    One thing to consider is that while the Nexus has a trackball, the Bravo has an optical pad. It would seem odd (thought probably not unheard of) that the US version of the Bravo would be so different. I think people have gotten it wrong and the Nexus is the Dragon and not Passion. hence the passion would still be incoming to the US.
  6. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga

    I agree. There is little to no chance of a snapdragon based phone coming to verizon in January
  7. lrossnm

    lrossnm Member

    Things are not looking good for any HTC Android Smartphones phones on Verizon in the next few months. Boy Genius and Android sites are reporting new releases of Motorola's and even LG but no mention of HTC. Oh well...I'll hang onto my Dare for a little more time than I would like.
  8. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    Engadget just released a rumor about the HTC incredible.

    HTC Incredible is coming to Verizon, better live up to its name -- Engadget Mobile
  9. VaDivot

    VaDivot Member

  10. davewoodson

    davewoodson Member
    Thread Starter

    Man, I was about to pull the trigger on the Droid this week. I will wait.

    I love my storm i love my storm - I have to reassure myself things will get better

  11. sirkuz

    sirkuz Lurker

    Haha.. I also have a storm and have been stalking here since I first saw the rumors about the snapdragondroid awhile back. I love my storm as well... haha well hopefully long enough to get this new Android! must wait....
  12. MisterMcGoo

    MisterMcGoo Well-Known Member

    The Droid Eris rocks. Can't imagine it being all that much better even if it had a faster processor. I don't spend time waiting around for it to do anything. Just saying, even if nothing comes out in Jan or Feb, VZW already has some pretty sweet phones out with Android. There will always be a better phone. Sometimes you just gotta pull the trigger and ignore the rumors.
  13. davewoodson

    davewoodson Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, but I don't want to buy a PS2 the day before a PS3 comes out
  14. MisterMcGoo

    MisterMcGoo Well-Known Member

    What if nothing has officially announced that the PS3 exists?
  15. hal1

    hal1 Android Expert

    Agreed. There will always be something new, but I'd like to have the latest and greatest for at least a couple months before the next model comes out.
  16. trk

    trk Newbie

    For me, and Im sure countless others, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LATEST AND GREATEST AND BEING A FIEND FOR THE NEWEST TECH! Even if it is the greatest for TWO WHOLE MONTHS. Its about spending a good deal of your hard earned money on a product THAT MEETS YOUR NEEDS! Just an opinion, but maybe if it wasnt in our nature to consume vast amounts of needless crap just because its the 'end all of smart devices' these companies wouldnt continue to produce handsets so similar in specs so close together. I, just like everyone else in these passion/dragon/bravo/incredible/nexus one for verizon/insert name here forums, am waiting with baited breath to hear the good news about a verizon bound high end smartphone running android. But thats because I need a high end android operating KEYBOARDLESS, LARGE screened, snappy-fast phone on big red. I would pull the trigger on the droid in a heartbeat if it didnt have that hard keyboard. I would pull the trigger in a heartbeat if the eris had a bigger screen and quicker processor, though the processor is almost quick enough. I would be waiting on line the day of release for the nexus if it were on verizon. Im just in a position that I know what I want and so many phones are so close in those requirements that I know soon enough one just has to nail it. That and again, Ive always been told to live within your means. To me thats not just about budgeting, its about 'that which you purchase, you better use'. Im not throwing down a chunk of coin on a cell phone that Im not at least 90% satisfied with. Sorry for the rant. Its been a long week ;) Tear me down at will.
  17. clokwork

    clokwork Member

    Well, if anyone has to have the latest and greatest of any mobile device either has some deep pockets or needs to validate themselves through gadgets.
  18. trk

    trk Newbie

    Thumbs up.
  19. davewoodson

    davewoodson Member
    Thread Starter

    When I buy, I like to buy the best or darn near the best. I think I have earned it. That is the way I roll.
  20. MisterMcGoo

    MisterMcGoo Well-Known Member

    I just got tired of waiting for some "official" news. If VZW or HTC want to play games then fine, but I needed a new phone and after reading the reviews on the Q9M on cnet (and laughing hysterically because it really solidified the feeling I had towards how bad my phone was), I had to get something and at $50, to me, the Eris was a steal. I'm sure something will crush it in the next 3 months, but right now it's pretty cool and does all I need with a smart phone. With what I use a smart phone for, waiting an extra 2 seconds here and there really isn't a big deal.
  21. trk

    trk Newbie

    Agreed. My personal requirements dictate whats 'best' for me though.

    Kudos to you my friend. Ive seen quite a few people who have played the waiting game, now going with the eris over the MotoDroid. Seems like it has more appeal the longer you take a look at both devices. Just thought that was interesting.
  22. davewoodson

    davewoodson Member
    Thread Starter

    The "eris" what kind of phone does your husband use?

    Just kidding.

    I can wait, just going to pull the trigger tween now and June. Hate the Storm,but with the new OS it is running better, just don't get a signal in my bunker while my wives pink curve does. I played with some chicks droid the other night and I showed her some tricks that I learned on this board that she did not know off. I am ready, but I know I could not use the keyboard in that state at this point.
  23. Phydeaux

    Phydeaux Android Enthusiast

    This made me laugh.
  24. wonderbread

    wonderbread Android Enthusiast

  25. JimmyHat

    JimmyHat Well-Known Member

    I like the latest and greatest. That's why I bought a 486 33mhz processor back in the day for about 1,500.00. It was the top of the mountain. Then 2 months later they came out with the 66mhz. That's the cost of chasing technology.

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