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Is there any rules from Google to restrict me using other company's icon inside my activity?

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by nashihu, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. nashihu

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    i want to put other company's icon inside my activity, like image attached.

    but i'm afraid there's certain rule from Google to restrict any app to do so.

    i have tried to read term of services here and here, but i don't see any clue to answer this question. Is it indeed not restricted tough? anyone have done this before?

    any answer would be appreciated

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    I would also like to tag @scary alien who has posted some fantastic apps in Google Play :)
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  4. mikedt

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    Are you promoting the company, like an affiliate of them? Do you have their express written permission to use their trademark icons etc? So companies do allow it, but they may have strict guidelines about using their trademarks, logos etc. Think you'll definitely need to check with the company before you do anything.

    Sometimes they put this info on their website, like correct and incorrect ways to display and use their trademarks, logos, icons., e.g. here's the brand guidelines for Android.
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