Help Is there any way to disable zoom with two fingers in browser on a android tablet


simply need that a lot for studying. ( When I learn, I cover up a text with my hand, and then uncover it, but it zooms)
Any PDF reader app would be fine.
I still would like to be able to zoom somehow, like with a specific button in the corner, but not just by putting two fingers somewhere on screen.
I used to learn like that with books, but now all study materials for me are online


Android Expert
You said that you still want to be able to zoom.

Your device may vary in selections, but try this...


Here are where such setting are on one of my devices.

Being that it is a tablet and not a phone, I don't know if your device has a proximity sensor.
An app to turn off the screen when this sensor is covered would be ideal in this situation, but my guess is that proximity sensors are on phones, not tablets.
(They are what turns off the screen when you put the phone to your ear.)