Root is there official update for hero ?


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as there been an official 2.2 update for the hero on three network, i know there has for the desire because my wife desire just got the update today.
the reason i ask is my hero is rooted with froyd 1.5 on and im getting sick of the bugs, i mentioned the lag in another thread but the worse is when i pick the phone to use the screen is in landscape mode and have to wait for it to correct itself so thought i would go back to modaco 3.2 and take official update.

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No there is no official (and 99 percent sure there wont be) 2.2 for the hero. I would suggest you to wait for the Froyd update or try Floyo.

To the landscape. Well you need the rotation? You could just shut it down and it wont do what you said. And your sensor is probably off. You should fixt that. Thats not the ROMs fault.

To the wife... why she has a better phone then you?! :p


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This is kinda irrelevant since there won't be any official 2.2 ROM, but switching back to Modaco 3.2 wouldn't get you OTA updates back. Only flashing an official RUU via the pc would.

Froyd (1.5) is definitely not the best 2.2 ROM out there at the moment. You might want to try Elelinix/Floyo.