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Is there REALLY any good reason to upgrade to ICS or beyond?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HappyJoe, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. HappyJoe

    HappyJoe Member
    Thread Starter

    I suppose I should be able to answer my own question as I have GalaxyICSsed my Ace and have gone back to stock (for other reasons). Before I try Maclaw's latest - CM9 or 10 - I'm trying to recall whether an upgrade to a (rooted) 2.3.6 is that beneficial.

    What are your pros and cons re upgrading, after the initial thrill has passed? Improved facilities... better UI... not enough memory to run adequately... more/fewer FCs... favourite apps not running... That kind of thing. Or anything relevant to the decision.

    It's not life's most vital question, of course, but it's might be an interesting bit of stock-taking...

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  2. Pofadda

    Pofadda Lurker


    Yours works, right? Doesn't screw you around that much, I guess, so why bother? This gets you off the treadmill, makes you less prone to the breathless, bright-eyed, ever-hopeful-but-always-a-bit-disappointed fanboi stuff you might read in forums like this.

    Use you're Nexus 7 for fun. At least you can see stuff on it. Your phone's a phone. 'Nuff said.

    Enjoy your device, such as it is. It's one less bit of craving to overcome on your trip to Inner Peace.

    Psst.. have you seen the specs for the <cracle, bzzzt, pop> - they are HOT! They'll wake Lazarus, they're that cool!
  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    This is a very good question specially what has been said by Samsung that galaxy ace will not receive ICS (all though keeping my fingers crossed on that). is it really necessary to chase behind technology knowing that it will be outdated immediately the next day. I put a little thought into it and realized what we have right now is not nearly outdated and besides more then half of the android market using it (we are not the only ones). and Aaa A phone is a phone, well said may i say and and lets just use the way it is. i know our stock roms have lots of flows and because of the fine people like our developers we also have solutions and also the updated roms that we anxiously wait for and since we don't have the patience to use the buggy unfinished roms lets just leave them alone and let the developers do their thing until they give us their green signal to go ahead..

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