Feb 28, 2016
I am pretty sure my current phone LG Leon and my last 2 phones both LG have spyware ,were hacked. This weird folder has been on all 3. It's name is "American Idol" I found it in internal storage, in the data folder. I keep deleting it , it keeps returning. It contains 4 files unreadable by the phone. They are actually png images but don't have the png extension in the names which are just a bunch of numbers. Add png to the file or open them in Drive and you will see a Pizza Hut menu item, current items photoshopped off their website. A year and a half ago it was Domino's menu items also in the American Idol folder. Back then I thought it was a Domino's promotion and just wrote it off. I use to order only Domino's but now I am a Pizza Hut guy. On my current phone I found the folder on it in less than 24 hours of buying it. I did a hard reset on the phone the other night and the folder showed up in under an hour. I read that png files can carry codes?

When I factory reset the phone now it takes about 10 seconds, the green android guy appears for maybe 1.5 seconds and then two android system files load. Seems awful fast.

I have the American Idol folder in a zip if anybody wants to check it out . Virustotal says it is 100% safe.

I think the person responsible for hacking my phone is the same guy that hacked my laptop, both of my laptops. I showed the laptop to a tech repair guy and he was blown away and wanted to know who I was that someone would do this to me, was I somebody important? I am not but I do have an ex wife who is a lawyer and needs to know everything that I do.
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