Is this instruction on lineageosroms wrong?

@Brian706 got lineage installed with TWRP btw.

I'm nearly certain following the same lineage wiki instructions (i.e. with their own custom recovery) would have worked after taking a system firmware update once I had the stock ROM back. Really can't imagine why I either didn't clock or ignored the message about making sure you're on the latest 11 firmware (in a red box!) at the top of the page. Perhaps I just thought it would be fine as it was a 'fresh' phone. Lesson learned.

However I decided I wanted TWRP anyway so went that route. There were quite a few other issues to scramble over on the way. Perhaps the oddest was a worrying complaint in TWRP right at the end that there was no 'system' - after I'd wiped the stock ROM and flashed the lineage one - but it rebooted to lineageOS after repairing the user data partition anyway! - is that normal ???).

Anyway, got there. Made copious notes :)
PS now I realise why I didn't see the warning to update the firmware. At the time of attempting the first install I was (unknowingly) viewing a repost (on lineageosroms) rather than the original wiki (on Beware ;)
Hey @quddy , Had a busy weekend and haven't checked in for a few days. Thanks so much for the updates and I'm glad that you finally got it working. You are probably correct about the lineage recovery working after you updated the firmware, but from the screenshot I saw of the lineage recovery. TWRP looks way more functional. Not 100% sure about the warning you got from TWRP. Maybe a standard warning after wiping the system partition? Been a couple of years since I've rooted or used TWRP. This thread is kind of giving me the itch to root my Pixel 5 haha.
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