Is this just my slide?


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Sorry for starting a new thread for this question but I did not know where else to ask it.

I know that the build quality of this phone has been brought into question a lot and my original one was squeaky as all h*ll. I am on my second one now and while the squeakiness of this one is not nearly as bad one problem remains. In the bottom right corner of the screen (by the genius button) light shows through where screen and shell meet.

I don't know why it bugs me so bad it just does. I try not to scratch my phone up and it comes out of the box new looking like I chipped the corner of the screen. I have watched numerous review videos and have not noticed it on any of them.

Is anyone else's like this?



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Mine is just like that. It's tiny enough that I can only see it when it's dark and even then it's not enough to bug me...

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Mine has it, my wife's has it. Never saw or noticed it till now. Now I keep looking at it and saying UGGHHH!

Not a real big deal though...


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I never noticed this until now!! I hate you!!! On bottom left corner too

what he said lol.. im sure ill forget about it.. could be the source for fust under the screen? (ive recently just heard a rumor about dust under the screen.. any confirmation?)

edit: I just noticed it was also in the same spot on the otherside! :eek: