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Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by not.plugged.in, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. not.plugged.in

    Thread Starter

    ok so so about an hour ago i was playing with my phone and everything worked. I set it down and then go take a shower and i hear it chime so i get out and towel off and go to the kitchen where i left it and tried turning the screen on to see who it is....nothing

    the screen is black and the none of the buttons seem to be responding, the only thing working is a blinking orange led light. so im thinking the battery is dead and i can just put it in the charger i do that and the blinking stays for about 30 seconds and then stops and i tried turning it on again and its still black. Normally i can just turn the phone on when its charging but this time no.

    I would normally call tech support about this but its past their call hours and i kinda want to know whats going on with my phone. Am i panicking over nothing? Help me out guys

    much appreciated

    I left my phone on the charger all last night thinking the same thing maybe it didnt have enough juice to turn itself on and its still black. I popped the battery out a few times and tried doing what you guys suggested and no dice. :(

    Just called vzw tech support and they said i was shit out of luck, they can get a replacement phone for me but that will be 3 weeks out before i can get one. Its lame balls their tech support for this phone is basically hey did you pull the battery out? ok wait 10 seconds and put it back it. Oh its not working haha sucks for you. ****ing verizon wireless....

  2. ttamnedlog

    ttamnedlog Android Enthusiast

    Something similar happened to me once. I was in a movie, and my battery was blinking at 4% at the start of the movie so I knew it would be dead by the end. I got in my car afterward, plugged it into the charger and tried to turn it on. Guess it wasn't enough juice yet, as it turned on but turned back off after about 5 seconds. I figured I'd let it go a few minutes more. Same thing. Tried again after about 10 minutes of charging but, like you, NOTHING happened at all. Nothing at all was responding. I assume the phone finally said, "ok look, stop trying to turn me on when I clearly don't have enough power" or something along those lines.

    So I pulled out the battery, put it back in, charged it for a few more minutes. And THEN it turned on. I guess that kinda "reset" it so it could realize the battery was actually being charged.

    *******LONG STORY SHORT*******
    Try pulling out the battery and putting it back in, charging it for a few, then turn it on.
  3. Ovy

    Ovy Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this is true of the Dinc, but my Zune120 will sometimes get so low on power that it wont even turn on and give me the low power screen. it wouldn't even turn on whle plugged in. when it first happened, i thought it had bricked. But after sufficient charging time, it was back to normal. scouring the forums, it turns out this was normal.

    so. let it charge longer, maybe?

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