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Is this normal ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mr.megi, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. mr.megi

    mr.megi Member
    Thread Starter

    I saw this on my spica and i dont know if it is normal , i not using this app in the moment but it is there (maps) what do u think ?

  2. Rogdor

    Rogdor Newbie

    Google Maps gets called from other apps, usually for GPS functions. So yeah, that's normal. The GPS on the Spica is high battery consumption too and unfortunately some apps tend to leave it on, although 2% usage isn't too bad.

    Pantheon at the top by the way is Samsung's home screen app and ugh I've noticed it loves to drain the battery sometimes (plus I think it just generally sucks). If you're on 2.1, I recommend using LauncherPro as your home launcher, it seems to be a lot more efficient and it's fast too.
  3. mr.megi

    mr.megi Member
    Thread Starter

    what is that LouncherPro , im noob in Android :)
    I found it on Market , thanks it looks very nice and works very good :)
  4. mr.megi

    mr.megi Member
    Thread Starter

    how can i stop a app or a game after i have using it , it still run ? i have try it with "Task Killer" but it doesnt work , force stop desnt work neither...
    any idea ?

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