Sep 2, 2012
Hi :)

I'm new to the forums, Androids and my SGS3 so please bare with me if I'm asking what seems like a simple question. Also, it's probably worth mentioning now that I do not wish to root my phone - sorry!

I've just done a factory reset on my SGS3 (I leaped straight in when I got a shiny new phone and wanted to start afresh and do some research), and I've noticed the RAM seems to be running quite high - about 70%. I read up that unused RAM is wasted RAM, and that it's only worth worrying about if/when you start to use it all; however I currently have no apps (other than bloatware, much of which I've 'stopped' or disabled if possible) and am thinking that by the time I've installed what I intend to, I'm likely to be using close to maximum.

Is 70% RAM usage with none of my own apps installed normal?
Is there anything I can do to reduce it if/when I reach close to maximum?
There are some processes actively running that I am unsure if they should be or if I can stop:
- MTP Application
- Software update
- Settings
- Media
- Samsung Push Service
- SecPhone
- Video Player
- Samsung keyboard

All help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance :)
Basically the way the Android OS works is it keeps as much stuff in ram all the time as it can so when you call it up it's there already loaded. After awhile it learns how you use your phone and starts preloading better and better stuff. There is more to it than that actually as it loads some things you wouldn't think it would because it needs the code in it sometimes. if the phone runs out of ram, it takes older stuff and unloads it. So with Android your ram usage will always be high and it will always appear to have stuff running that to us makes no sense.

Due to this it is not recommended that you ever prematurely close an app unless the app is misbehaving. Doing so may wipe code out it was/will be using and it will just reload it or something else in its place slowing the phone down.