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I am about to finish a 2 yr contract so I am looking at a new phone. I am definitely not someone who needs the most cutting edge technology, but I like to have something decent. I never spend a ton of money on a new phone, and I'm not looking to change that right now. I am currently using a Droid Razr HD, which has been pretty good overall for me, though I really need more battery. I started looking on VZW website and they will give me the Droid Maxx for free with a new 2 yr contract. I know it's over a year old right now, but I definitely like the build of these phones so far. In my line of work, I like a solid, tough phone that holds up, not a piece of plastic that I will break-- gorilla glass and kevlar work for me. Plus, it has decent specs, right? The price is right too, so I am wondering--is there something else I should be considering? Thanks in advance for any advice.
I got the Droid Mass the day it was released. It is the best phone I have ever used.

I use a Tylt wireless charger by my desktop computer and never think about the battery ... ever. I measured I thee times and got three days each time.

The Droid Turbo is about to be announced and it will likely blow everything away. It has a 19megpixel camera. The cameras in all Motorola phones are pretty bad. Maybe it is corrected in the Turbo.

I think you should decide when you are going to replace the phone you are about to get and that will guide you.

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Thanks Thom. I looked at the few posts in the Turbo forum, and as usual I figured I probably wouldn't be up for spending whatever they end up charging for it (even at the 2 yr contract price). I usually end up keeping my phone for the length of my 2 yr contract, so I guess I'm thinking about my next phone in the same way. I'm willing to spend something on it, just not top dollar.
I can get the 2nd gen Moto X for $100, but it doesn't have the battery life that is important to me.

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It means to me ... the Droid Turbo is about to be announced.

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I'm excited to see if the new Nexus 6 is released on Verizon. I don't NEED a new phone. My Maxx is still VERY nice (other than the two huge cracks in the screen from my wife dropping it, but I digress). However, if Shamu, Tattoo, o Who-Who comes out as a Nexus on Verizon with the rumored specs I will likely buy it on launch day.

The Droid Turbo sounds very nice but a Moto Nexus is too tempting to resist.