is tmobile getting a new phone?


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So my wife is deploying. and out contract is up. we are getting an X and keeping 1 of the lines. the other line, i wanted to cancel so i can go month to month with t mobile, till a "super phone" comes

anyways, i asked if they were getting something to replace the HD2 anytime soon, and the sales lady told me that her rep had told her over the phone that they were going to be getting one "soon." she said the only hard facts were that the screen was atleast as big and it would have a forward facing camera...

now im not trying to insite some phone conspiracy or will something into exsistance... but has anyone heard anything about this???? Just wondering..


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I have not heard anything about a phone with a front facing camera for T-Mo. The Sansung Vibrant (Galaxy S line) just came out, and there's been something called "Project Emerald" talked about for months now on T-Mo but there are no details. If you were to go and buy something now from T-Mo, I'd recommend the Vibrant unless you want something more midrange, then I'd go for the MyTouch Slide. It's a zippy little phone.


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Any other T-mobile mobile phones on the horizon that anyone may know about? I am curious if HTC or any other companies will release a phone since the Nexus one is no longer available for the general public.


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I've been trying to find info on the Vision/G2/whatever the heck they decide to call it. It's supposedly the first HSPA+ phone to launch. Anybody have any links or anything?