Is your website online? use Server Monitor to get instantly alerted when your website is down.


Server Monitor is a FREE app that uses NOC Zone website and server monitoring service.



What Is NOC Zone?
NOC Zone is an online service that will keep you updated regarding any fault you are facing with your servers and websites.
How It Works?
NOC Zone pokes your server's protocols from multiple locations to gather data regarding connection. NOC Zone analyze the gathered data and generates useful information for you.
Information NOC Zone Generates
Gathered data from your server, generates useful information giving a full detailed response time report and corresponding uptime percentage, server downtime in seconds and protocol connection availability.
Instant Alerts
NOC Zone will keep you updated with any changes regarding the status of the monitored protocols through mobile notifications (cloud messages). We also offer an SDK that allows you to send customized notifications from your server to your device.
Handling All Protocols?
NOC Zone can handle monitoring any type of protocol. Using NOC Zone protocol builder you can add any port over UDP and TCP and NOC Zone will analyze the received data, as well as receive notification and reports regarding the built protocol (custom protocol).
Why I Need Monitoring?
Every minute your server is down, might leave unhappy users, or turn away new potential customers, so it is critical to know that your server is down immediately in order to take proper action.
Server Monitor is resource friendly.
meaning it will not drain neither your battery nor your bandwidth, as your servers are being monitored at the host level by NOC Zone servers and not on your mobile. Your phone is just our target when it's the time to alert you about any connectivity issues related to services running on any of your servers.
Features :
- Monitoring of FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, MySQL, Proxy, SVN and your custom services.
- Add up to 20 server and their services for free, and we'll take care of the rest.
- Immediate Push Notifications
- With our free PHP SDK, setting up your costumed notifications will never be easier.
- Application is available in English and عربي. ( bient