Help Issue Installing Amazon Apps


So for the past couple of days I have been trying to work with their technical team to figure out what is going on, to no avail. I have tried these apps:

Bounce the Bunny HD
Crocodile Crossing
Bag It!

I have over 50MB of internal space and everything is up to date (OS, App Store Version).

It downloads no problem. When I go to install, the first 3 would say that the installation failed and prompted me to install again, which would lead to the same result.

When I went to install Bag It! it would act as if installing, then freeze and get stuck on the Android screen. I would then have to take out my battery and reboot.

This is what I have tried:

-restart phone
-clear data cache of amazon app store
-deregister device from amazon, then reregister

All of these haven't worked and I am growing frustrated. I have downloaded other apps like Doodle Jump, Taskos, Sneezies HD, Cut the Rope and Bubble Buster with NO issues. What is going on?