Help Issue with Gallery and pics


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hello..i'm having an issue that i'm hoping someone can help and shed some light. i've noticed that some of my pics are not showing up in my gallery (but if i take a picture the pics are there). for example, i transfered some pics from one folder and put them into another folder and they are not showing up in my gallery. however i can see them if i connect my epic to my comp or if i look at them through the my files app. but they aren't in the gallery. i also tried to make a new folder within the DCIM folder and put the pics there and they still won't show up in my gallery. i tried other options such as unmounting and mounting my sd card and rebooting but nothing. i'm running 2.2. i've seen some who hard reset the phone but the issue comes back but this has been on the nexus s and htc phones. i really dont want to go through hard resetting my phone for the issue to come back. any help would be greatly appreciated. btw the first time i noticed an issue with my gallery was with the app shootme. before, shootme had its own file within my gallery and now its not there...the app still works and i can take pics, but i can only see them if i connect my epic to the comp or look in the my files app within the shootme folder but they aren't in my gallery. thanks again