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Issue with message notification tones

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by firecop3, Dec 20, 2012.

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    I created a number of mp3 files to use as custom notification tones for my Note II. In from within the stock messaging app, I went into the settings/view contact then under message alert, I chose my file which I put into the ringtone folder. I close out and hope for the best. If someone sends an sms message, my custom sound is what you hear. If its an MMS, I get nothing or the default sound.
    I spent an hour in the store with the reps and they had no idea what the deal was. I was referred to the warranty center, went there and they said my phone was defective. Needless to say, I got a new phone today and am having the same issues.

    Has anyone had any success with this? Most of the MMS messages come from our firehouse servers and the messages go to XXX-XXX-XXXX@mms.att.net. My contacts are all sync'd with google so that should not be an issue. I also tried moving the contacts to the phone and removing the google account but that made no difference.

    As an aside, prior to picking up the Note 2 I had a Galaxy 2 and used Handcent. The app worked flawlessly on that device (but it was on verizon). Handcent did not function properly on the Note 2 when I tried it so that does not appear to be an option.

    Thanks in advance for any insight anyone has and happy holidays to all.


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