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Issue with pushing busybox

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tompace, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. tompace

    tompace Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Followed the instructions in the how to get google play thread. Got drivers installed no problem and ran the runme.bat. The runme.bat got to the point of pushing busybox and just sat there for almost an hour. So, in my expert stupidity, i reset the tablet. Now its doing the same thing on pushing superuser app. Help?

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  2. SuperNoober

    SuperNoober Member

    Did you unmount and remove the TF card (micro sd card) before you ran the batch file? (Requirement #3 turn off mass storage.)

    Did you enable unknown sources in settings > security (requirement 5)

    Sorry if this doesn't help, I finally got mine going this morning. Good luck.
  3. SuperNoober

    SuperNoober Member

    Go to the thread:
    A Step by Step Guide to getting Amazon Appstore, & Google Play on a Curtis Klu LT7033
    go to post 3 and start at the beginning.

    If you find that the Klu is already rooted stop after you get Google play in your list of apps. (you already have the adb device drivers loaded)

    if you find yourself doing post 4 you can skip the downloading and unzipping part, but do make sure that you have fulfilled all 6 requirements of the runme batch file before you run it.
  4. i have a problem as well i cannot update the drivers on my computer to the tablet
  5. SuperNoober

    SuperNoober Member

    Open ES File Explorer and click...
    (3 vertical dots) > Settings > Root settings
    Staring at the bottom uncheck the bottom 3 boxes,
    Leave the next box, Up to Root, checked.
    and then uncheck the top box.
    Back out of ES File Explorer

    While you were doing that you may have had the program asking for super user access. If so, you may also have noticed that even if you picked deny access the program was granted super user privileges anyway. Even the most careless of system administrators only grant themselves super user access long enough to accomplish the task at hand, and then they turn super user access back off. Unchecking all but Up to Root will allow you to see your entire file structure without the risk of accidentally erasing something vital, and turning your tablet into a paper weight.

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