Root issue with rooting

I've tried rooting a g1 and all went well until I started using it. most everything on the phone causes a force close. and phone will not reboot. It will stay on the t-mobile g1 screen. and I am having issues trying to unroot the phone. I can get back to rc29 but I can not update the phone back to 1.6 as it was before.


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you can not go straight from RC29 to 1.6 if you are trying to un-root... you will have to do RC33 > 1.5 > 1.6 could be your issue also keep in mind that when doing the updates it can take at least 5 minutes to boot after installing....


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ok I have gotten my phone back up to 1.5 but am having issues with getting 1.6 on here.

and if anyone else comes across this problem. Just use the dreaimg.nbh to get to rc29 then get the upgrades to rc30 and rc33 and rename them to and the the recovery console to upgrade each in order. The guides i've read on here seems to e way to complicated.