Root Issues Flashing New ROM


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Hey all, just rooted my buds OG Droid. He got ROM manager, and went to flash liquid gingerbread, but once he booted into recovery and tried to apply the zip -- he got the triangle with the "!". Rebooted phone and it was back to normal....any ideas?



In ROM manager premium, I'm unable to fix permissions. Droid 1 is rooted and getting an error about not having the privileges to run commands. Not sure why:thinking:


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is the superuser app still there? what method did you use to root?

the stock rom will repalce cloclwork with the stock recovery on reboot. while youre still on a stock rom,you will have to flash clockwork EVERY time you want to boot into recovery.

in rom manager,go to settings andmake sure "erase recovery" is checked. flash the alternate recovery. then flash clockwork recovery again. if you still have root access and that works,you should be able to boot into recovery,make a backup,and flash the rom. while on a custom rom you wont have the triangle issue :)

the other possibility that comes to mind is that you used z4root,wich sometimes is "temporary". ive read about people having to use it a few times before the root "sticks".


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I'm not quite sure what we did, but after restoring the nandroid, and re-updating Rom MGR, we got everything to work...thanks all!