Issues Getting Rogers Android 2.2 Loaded

I am trying to get my device updated to the most current version of the Rogers 2.2. I tried it when i was running the original rogers 2.1 that came on the device but something happened and the device stopped functioning....after several hours of searching the internet and trying different things I have atleast gotten my device to boot up again but it is running a 2.1-update 1 software with a build number Acer_LiquidE_2.100.27.EMEA_CUS1.

I would like to get back to rogers software and up to the most recent versions but whenever I try to load the software following their instructions from the SD card it will not work it fails. Is there a way to load it via usb is there a BIN file available for the rogers 2.2 software that anyone knows of?


Android Expert
Unfortunately, AFAIK, there is no .bin file to get to Rogers firmware.

EMEA is European firmware and loading the Rogers 2.2 won't work on it.

I'll search around and see if I can find a way to get your phone back onto official Rogers firmware.