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Issues I have encountered

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by waldemara, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. waldemara

    waldemara New Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 7, 2009

    Please do let me moan in my grief as Android (atleast HERO) has so far let me down..

    Issues that I have encountered so far:
    1. As I press "home"-button it might crash and say "loading" with black(/transparent) background and a circle that loads ooon and ooon and ooon. For the first two days it crashed so I had to boot the entire device. In that point there was no additional apps installed

    2. Exhcange capability is there but it ain't that good. Using folders (as I use with my email) is very stupid as it shows ALL the folders in one list even though many of the folders are sub folders

    3. Huge lag all the time. Like when I call some number and it goes back to the "made calls"(or whatever its supposed to be called) it might take more than 5 seconds to refresh the list and after the looong wait the last made call appears on the top of the screen. Other types of lags that are really frustrating are also appearing. If you wanna know more about my bad days with it please let me know[​IMG]

    4. Audio issues. I mean how frustrating it is to listen to music and suddenly the song just stops and start and stops and start and stops.. It is very annoing. I am no "gold ear" or anything that really can tell a difference between a good and bad sounding audio, but I guess I can tell that listening to music sucks.. Also as I listen to music with my koss spark plugs and there is a calender notice - WHAT WAS THAT?!? Damn the sound is so loud that I am afraid I will drop some heavy weights on me some day when listening to music at the gym... Other than that audio is fine.. Umm yep...

    5. No MS Office edit capability.. I just cant understand why..

    6. No skype or anyother EASY (dont start talking about sip for android or what ever the name is called) VOIP app. Most of the mobile platforms has app that can do this - why not android?? And yeah I have read about VOIP apps but: skype lite= no use for me, google voice= uuuuh.. Great software but why hell they wont let me register or what ever was needed to get it to work.

    7. Overall Google issues.. Google docs - whats the current story? Google Voice - hopefully they can provide it at some time..

    8. IM apps. I just wanna use MSN ok? how hard that can be? Every app that I have used has proven to be unreliable. Why god?u why?

    9. Latest issue is with home screen.. One day suddenly calendar, favorites and media player (didnt notice others - would not be suprised if there were more..) lost their text. Meaning that my calendar, favorites and media player showed the graphics but no text. I mean how could that even happen? It was removed by rebooting.. NICE!

    So heres my "short" list of things that annoy me - there might be more but I dont remember at the moment.

    I was really hoping this phone would substitue my old WM phone. Too many problems at the moment that I have considered destroying hero..

    PLEASE HEAR MY STORY! Let me have still hope that android MIGHT be a great platform for mobile phones.. And also please let me know how to fix these issues[​IMG] I registered just to complain - how cool is this!

    And hopefully some one will find joy when reading this[​IMG] At least some sadomasochist might enjoy when I am truly in pain[​IMG]

    Best regards,


  2. Slug

    Slug Check six!

    Aug 1, 2009
    Mobile phone retail
    Inverness, UK
    Sure, but maybe I can suggest some salve for the pain.... ;)

    That one's easily solved - update the ROM. You don't say where you are located but the 2.73.xxx.x ROM is now available (or soon will be) from HTC's support web site.

    Maybe your SDHC card isn't reading fast enough? I have no similar audio issues either with a Sandisk Class 4 or Transcend Class 6 card.

    I agree to some extent with this. However I found Audio Manager which makes it easy to adjust the individual tones to suit your personal preferences.

    Yup, I'd love this 'out-of-the-box' too. We should moan at the developers of QuickOffice - their app allows editing on every other platform. :mad: It may also have something to do with licencing; I'm not sure how open the MS file formats are and MS may require $$$ before they'll pony up the finer details.

    This is probably a combination of Google preferring to leverage (buzzword alert!) their own platform and carriers pressuring them not to make it easy for users to sidestep their data network and deprive them of revenue.

    I don't know, maybe MSN places more obstacles in the way of devs.... Again, that's something better taken up with the app developers to help them improve their product. I found quite a few in a quick search on the Market.

    It's happened to me occasionally too, but very rarely. Maybe a memory-shortage issue, kinda like how Windows will 'lose' taskbar/wallpaper sometimes if you've using a memory-intensive program or game? I just put up with it until I found a convenient time to restart the handset - no biggie.

    Woah, a bit of an extreme reaction there.... ;) Sure it can be frustrating, but remember that Android is still a young platform in comparison to WM, and consider how much it offers over the latter already. Don't give up on it - use your frustration constructively and help improve it further.

    Okay, but you gotta promise to stick around and see if we can make life less painful for you, deal? :)
  3. cwrig

    cwrig Well-Known Member

    Aug 31, 2009
    Lancaster, PA
    I endured WM for years. I cant imagine using that disaster of an OS again.

    There are several IM clients in market that allow IM with MS and many consolidate several IM systems to one client. Not sure why you are having trouble with MS specifically.

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