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Issues In Toyota CHR 2019

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Maxeyas, Jun 4, 2020.

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    Hello everyone I'm new here and my name is Maxim,

    I will describe my issue and if anyone has ideas of what to do next to fix it, it will be much appreciated.
    I have Toyota CH-R 2019 and 9" infotainment system inside, It comes without android auto nor apple carplay.
    BUT part of options was to install into that empty old system an android system (5.1.1) which uses the second speaker (not the main speakers but a small one under the wheel) to give navigation sound when using apps like google maps.
    I manged to get to the android settings and change the lanucher and install many apps that I like like youtube music, youtube & more.
    The issue
    When playing music in youtube it plays through the speaker under the wheel and it's baseless and feels old. I need to manage somehow to connect to the car's main speaker system (bluetooth) and then play the music and it should play the music (through bluetooth) the issue is that when I put my main system (not android system) to bluetooth pairing mode and then switiching to the android system it closes the settings and I cannot find the car's bluetooth ID in android bluetooth pairing search. I tried to do this process faster and managed to semi-connect, the next issue is confirming that the password showing is correct (In android). I am stuck here and didn't manage to go past this step, If anyone has any idea of app that can do this connection automatiaclly or something else please tell me, it will make me very happy.

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